For the 10th straight year, singer-songwriter Rhett Akins will host his annual Country Goes Huntin' event, set to take place March 27-30. This year's theme is "Bringing It Back to the Camp Again," which will have the festivities taking place where it all started in Blakely, Ga.

Like the previous nine events, country artists will team up with hunting pros and other celebrities for a three-day turkey hunt. The final night of Country Goes Huntin' will include an all-star jam at camp, which fans can win their way into through the local radio stations giving away VIP passes to the show.

Country Goes Huntin' was the brainchild of Akins and co-founder, Sam Klement, who decided to blend two Southern passions -- country music and hunting. At the same time, the pair wanted to help make a difference in people's lives. In the past, dozens of charities have benefited from the proceeds raised by the event. In 2006, approximately $130,000 was divided among the organizations represented.

Artists scheduled to participate this year, aside from Akins, will include Daryle Singletary, LoCash Cowboys, Colt Ford, Bobby Pinson, Ira Dean and many more.

"We love this event," LoCash Cowboy's Preston Brust tells Taste of Country. "It's a tradition, and it's a staple in our schedule. We're always there. It's the best hunters in the world, and it's some of the classiest singers. The entertainers come out and support Rhett and Sam and the event. It is just so much fun."

"Our first Country Goes Huntin' was the first time I'd ever been hunting, turkeys, especially," Brust's duo partner, Chris Lucas, adds. "It was unbelievable. I'm addicted to it now. It's ridiculous fun and good times."

"We're all rednecks having a good time," says Brust. "We're all good buddies, and it's nice that Rhett knows he can depend on us to be there every year where all he has to do is send us a one-liner text, and we’ll be there. Hopefully one of these days when Chris and I have an event -- maybe a hunting kind of event or a fishing tournament -- all these guys will show up to ours, too."

For more information on Country Goes Huntin' and to see exclusive photos from the past hunts and concerts, visit the official website here.