Ricky Gunn's debut music video is a love story, but you'll need to watch to the very end to find out why. 'King of This Town' looks back to the singer's own childhood for inspiration. It's a song about remembering your roots even when seemingly more attractive options present themselves, like the head cheerleader.

The video alternates between clips of modern day Gunn thinking back on his formidable years in high school and performing live. There are also plenty of flashbacks to those younger years. Much of the action centers around teenaged love and a romance between a young Gunn and a cute blonde. It was shot in Columbus, Ga., the singer's hometown.

A tall brunette with cherry red lips threatens their romance, however, and in the end the star of the football team is forced to make a difficult decision.

"Our little town had one stop light / Football game every Friday night / The Chevron sign is always burning bright / We were holding hands / Pickup truck and my old six-string / Kicking back watching everybody sing / Man that was better than anything / We were making plans," he sings during the chorus.

"Nothing but corn fields miles around / I was the king of this town."

'King of This Town' is the title track to Gunn's debut album, set for an April 21 release. His sound was recently described as "a little bit Jason Aldean, a little bit Eric Church" by the Boot. However, he stays true to old school country greats.

Allen Matthews directed the 'Kind of This Town' video.