Texas country singer Robert Stowell's new song is a clever way to illustrate how lucky a man can be, but 'She Makes Dirt Look Good' are hardly the words a woman is pining for.

"I ain't much of nothin' / A blue collar country country bumpkin / Grease stains on my shirt, holes in my jeans / I'm just a face in the crowd / Never did stand out / 'Til my baby came along and stood by me," Stowell sings to open the track. The chorus doesn't surprise the listener or really even force an audible chuckle.

"She makes dirt look good / The strangest thing / She makes a tractor ride like a Cadillac / And homemade wine taste like sweet champagne." There's probably a more romantic way Stowell could get across the same point.

"She's so hot / She makes me look cool / And every time I'm with her / My chest gets a little bigger / I look a whole lot taller and my beer gut it gets smaller / She makes this old farm feel like Hollywood / She makes dirt look good," he continues. His layman poetry does come with a certain humble sincerity, however. One senses a genuine fondness for a woman in his life. The song just might not stand up against the competition.

Listen to Robert Stowell, 'She Makes Dirt Look Good'