Texas country hitmaker Roger Creager has topped the Texas charts again with his new song 'Turn it Up.' That's six in a row, but it only takes one listen to this song to convince a newcomer to his music that the streak is much more than Lone Star luck.

Creager makes recording a great song look way too easy. His voice commands attention and his good-natured spirit converts fans before the end of the first verse. He just sounds like a guy you'd want to hang around.

"Get out on the open road / I let the wind blow through my soul / At the wheel I'm the captain in command / I'm a ramblin' man, I won't be tamed / I'm a throw back to the good ol' days / Some call me an outlaw, maybe I am," he sings. The chorus proceeds two of the more memorable lines, the ones that will grip fans of both sexes.

"I get a little bit of that reckless feeling now and then / It's a hold and it won't let go until I give in / I can't get enough when it comes, what I love / I don't turn it down I turn it up," Creager says before adding:

"Someone hands me whiskey in a cup / I don't turn it down, I turn it up," and later, "Just like good times or a good woman's love / I won't turn it down / No I won't turn it down."

Pulling off rowdy and sensitive in one three-minute-long cut is the business of the most skilled singers and songwriters. Creager invites everyone to give it a try by accomplishing the feat without pausing for a breath.

Listen to Roger Creager's 'Turn it Up'