Ronnie Dunn has revealed the complete track list and cover for his upcoming solo debut, the simply titled 'Ronnie Dunn.' It's Dunn's first effort sans longtime partner Kix Brooks, with whom he performed for 20 years.

The first single, 'Bleed Red,' is currently dominating the radio airwaves, and the video will be available for purchase as a digital download tomorrow. The album will be released on June 7, and anxious and excited Dunn fans can pre-order the record here.

To wet fans' appetites, Dunn has also issued the album cover, which is essentially a photo of the bearded vocalist with a guitar on his lap, shaded in orange tones. It's a stark but powerful image -- and while you can take the Dunn out of the Brooks and Dunn duo in which he forged his biggest success, you can't take the musical talent and voice out of Dunn as he embarks on his solo career.

We'll be watching excitedly as Dunn travels down a different path!

Ronnie Dunn's 'Ronnie Dunn' Track List:

1.  'Singer in a Cowboy Band'
2.  'I Don't Dance'
3.  'Your Kind of Love'
4.  'How Far to Waco'
5.  'Once'
6. 'Cost of Livin''
7.  'Bleed Red'
8.  'Last Love I'm Tryin''
9.  'Let the Cowboy Rock'
10.  'I Can't Help Myself'
11.  'I Just Get Lonely'
12.  'Love Owes Me One'