Ronnie Dunn called into KMPS in Seattle to chat about his new single, advice he received from Garth Brooks, and most interestingly, what kind of mischief he and Reba McEntire were up to last time they were in Vegas.

Dunn even admitted to the DJs that he had to channel U2's Bono when decided to move forward on his debut single as a solo artist, 'Bleed Red.' "We -- the management, the label, everyone around me -- we were looking nonstop for something that was a little bit different, just a hair, just a little bit of a left turn," Dunn says of his new single.

He goes on to say that 'Bleed Red' was brought to his attention by a former band member. "He said 'give it a listen, just give it a listen before you run over to the label,' and I did, and I laughed and said 'you can take this over to U2 and give it to Bono.'"

Although the new single seemed out of Dunn's realm on first listen, like a true artist, he gave it a shot. "We went in the studio and I closed my eyes and pretended I was Ronnie Dunn singing to a U2 track, and this is how it came out," Dunn recants with a chuckle. "I'm real pleased with it."

Dunn's carefree attitude has gotten him into trouble in the past, especially when that fiery redhead Reba serves as his partner in crime. When asked about whether he is invited to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's upcoming wedding, Dunn lights up and goes into a story about how he was almost a sole witness to the event:

"Oh, I'll tell you a cool little story. We were out with them [Lambert and Shelton] in Vegas about 6 months ago, with Reba McEntire, at dinner," he says, acknowledging that he and McEntire had had a few drinks. "Reba and I were feeling pretty good, and we're egging them on -- we were gonna take them to one of those little wedding chapels! They were ready to do it, for real. Honestly."

Though McEntire and Dunn didn't get to oversee the vow exchange of their fellow country stars, Dunn holds onto the funny memory, which makes for a great story -- it's nice to hear that country music's greatest performers are friends outside of awards shows.

In fact, Dunn also shared that his good buddy Garth Brooks gave him some sage advice for his new solo career. "We'd been emailing back and forth, and bottom line, he said 'I'm really proud of you and applaud your courage for doing what you're doing,'" Dunn spilled, adding Brooks' final words, "'do good songs and treat people nice and people will take care of you.'"