Ronnie Dunn didn't let anybody down when he released his debut single as a solo artist, 'Bleed Red.' The powerful message and epic musical arrangement fit Dunn's voice to a 'T,' and he discovered a niche for himself and a new life in the spotlight, on his own, away from Brooks and Dunn.

The power-ballad was written by Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Dorff, and found its way through many holds prior to Dunn hearing and recording the tune for his debut solo album.

"I write with Tommy Lee Jones quite a bit, so it was a normal day when we got together and wrote 'Bleed Red,'" Dorff tells Taste of Country. "Every morning I go and get a cigar at this cigar store. I had left the cigar store and was heading to Tommy's office to write with him. I was on Twitter, reading one of Demi Lovato's tweets. I don't know why I was even following her, and it had nothing to do with anything that she had said, but the title 'Bleed Red' just hit me. Those words came into my head."

"When I got to Tommy's office, we were talking about ideas," Dorff continues. "I said, 'I have this idea that I want to write. After I told him 'Bleed Red,' he started playing the piano, and the music just fell into place."

"We all bleed red / We all taste rain / We all fall down / Lose our way / We all say words we regret / We all cry tears / We all bleed red / Sometimes we’re strong / Sometimes we’re weak / We’re all the same / We all bleed red," Dunn sings in the chorus.

"A few hours later we had it," Dorff adds. "We didn’t want to make too preachy or anything. We knew we had something special after we did the demo. By chance, Tommy sent it to Ronnie, who was about done with his record. I didn’t really hear him singing it, but he flipped out about it. He really took it and made it his own. I'm really proud of how it all turned out."

Watch the Ronnie Dunn 'Bleed Red' Video