New solo singer Ronnie Dunn, who split with longtime partner Kix Brooks after their final show as Brooks & Dunn in September 2010, isn't one for relaxing or retirement. In an interview with 97.3 The Dawg, Dunn talks about going solo so soon after the dissolution of Brooks & Dunn.

When asked about getting back to the grind of making music rather than taking a much-deserved vacation, Dunn laughs. "It hasn't felt like that," Dunn says. "We're accustomed to running so hard for so many years -- 20 years -- that this felt like a huge break. I feel like I've been off forever."

Dunn has a new single, 'Bleed Red,' which is garnering some airplay. However, he did not pen the song nor is he sure that it will be on his solo record, which he reveals will be out in June, if not before. He also told 97.3 The Dawg that his upcoming album will probably be called 'Ronnie Dunn.'

Dunn says he got the song at the last minute from his friend, songwriter Tommy Lee James, after paring the initial 30 songs for the record down to 11. Dunn says, "[Tommy Lee James] said, 'I know it's a long shot [but] could you listen to this? I know it's not something you gravitate to.' So I did. I thought, 'This sounds like a U2 song.'"

Dunn went into studio and decided to give it a shot for his friend. Dunn admits, "I was having trouble with the vocals on it. I didn't know exactly how to go about it, and [James] said, 'Close your eyes and think about what it would be like with Conway Twitty singing with U2." And with that, 'Bleed Red' was born.

The singer plans to tour, keeping overhead at a minimum. To do so, Dunn plans on traveling around the old fashioned, lo-fi way -- with a horse trailer and van. "Doesn't that sound organic, like a dream come true?" Dunn adds.

As for this weekend's Super Bowl, Dunn, who is a Dallas Cowboys fan, is mixed about which team to cheer on to a win. "I might root for Green Bay just because they are coming out of nowhere," Dunn says. "I like Pittsburgh. I like both teams."