Ronnie Dunn's new 'Love Owes Me One' music video is simple but beautiful, as to not overpower the heavy impact of the ballad -- which is also has a simple, but very powerful, message.

Dunn sits at an old piano in the middle of the desert, his hair blowing in the wind as he sings: "Hanging on out of habit / Can't go on like this, oh I've had it / Leave the sad, brave and lonely / Break these chains it's had on me / Oh, keep the faith somewhere my day will come / Gonna walk away / Love owes me one."

As the camera pulls back, we notice that he's not alone -- there are multiple pianos and a woman in a long, white coat leaning up against one of them. When the song comes to its climax, so does the video, as the pair sets the pianos on fire, leaving them blazing in the sunset as they walk away.

Though we're not nestled between mountains and among cacti with Mr. Dunn, we have no problem feeling the bone-chilling wind or the warmth of the setting sun on our backs -- as well as the pain in his heart -- as he takes an 'I.O.U.' from love which has wronged him in the past.

'Love Owes Me One' appears as the last track on Dunn's forthcoming solo effort, the self-titled 'Ronnie Dunn,' which impacts on June 7.

Watch the Ronnie Dunn 'Love Owes Me One' Video