The new single from Texas duo Rosehill aims at being the fun, let loose sort of jam that one can't wait to hear live. But 'Sunday' doesn't quite get there. Blake Myers and Mitch McBain seem to be holding back, and unfortunately, the quality of their vocals suffer.

The 12-bar blues cut from the 'White Lines and Stars' album is a nice contrast to some of the more reflective and poignant cuts, like the title-track and 'Dream it All Over Again,' but if feels very much like the last song selected.

"I'll be home on Sunday / Everything is gonna be OK / World's gonna start spinning our way / Babe it's gonna all work out / When I get off this highway / Gonna put a smile on your face / Funny I know it's been awhile but I'll be home on Sunday," they sing.

The fast-paced delivery of the creative and meaningful verses is certainly the highlight of the song. The second verse leans toward the catharsis one is looking for -- that breakout 'Honey I'm Home' moment -- but after that, things level off.

"Speed limit sign won't let me go 99 so I can blow through this town / On second thought I might oughta put the pedal to the floor right now / I can't lie when I hear you spillin' tears baby I can't take that sound / So close your eyes / And try to sleep tight."

“It’s an album of life stories,” Myers says on the duo's website, and indeed Rosehill have arranged some emotive memories on 'White Lines and Stars.' This one, however, gets lost between good times and bad.

Listen to Rosehill's 'Sunday'