Loud & Proud Records presents the exclusive premiere of "Take It on Faith," the title track — and music video — from the upcoming album by Rossington!

And yes, that's Rossington, as in Lynyrd Skynyrd co-founder and guitarist Gary Rossington and his wife, Dale Krantz-Rossington. The album is out Nov. 4 and features 12 new songs, all tracked by an ace studio band that was put together by the album’s producer and engineer, David Z (Prince, Etta James, Buddy Guy). The lineup is pretty much a who’s who of studio masters — check out the full list below!

The longtime Skynyrd guitarist and his wife have been making music together for more than 35 years. Dale opened up for Skynyrd in '77 while she was singing with 38 Special, then as part of Rossington Collins Band in the '80s and then and now as part of the Lynyrd Skynyrd family.

Players on Take It on Faith:

Gary Rossington: Guitar
Dale Rossington: Vocals
Jack Holder: Guitar
Richie Hayward: Drums
Bruce McCabe: Piano, keyboards
Delbert McClinton: Harmonica
Gary Nicholson: Guitar
David Smith: Bass
Reese Wynans: Organ
Kenny Greenburg: Guitar overdubs
Michael Rojas: Piano
Gordon Mote: Piano and B3 overdubs
Shawn Camp: Dobro
Bekka Bramlett and Vicki Hampton: Additional vocals