Sam Hunt has been seen sporting a beard lately, but don't assume the "House Party" singer is making a statement. He may just have forgotten to shave once or twice or every day for the last two months. In a recent interview Hunt admits he doesn't put much thought into his style.

Recognizing that he's been called fashion-foward since he was introduced to country America in 2014, Hunt says it's from lack of trying. He tells Billboard his style is "carefully careless." He's anything but intentional with how he looks, he says in the video below.

“It’s been the opposite," Hunt says, "a little more careless, and because of that I haven’t necessarily worn the stereotypical things you’d expect a country singer to wear, because I haven’t put that much thought into that area of branding myself.”

An accompanying photo shoot shows the 30-year-old in a variety of outfits and jackets that traditional country singers — especially those of past generations —  would never wear. He's also grown a thick beard in recent months. Perhaps that's the most stunning point from the Billboard cover article. Previously he'd sported a bristle of facial hair, or gone all clean-shaven. Now he seems set to give stars like Jamey Johnson a run.

It's unlikely he'll go that far. Highlights from the interview include Hunt describing how he formed his band, and reading how he's intentional about making sure the women in his songs are treated with utmost respect. “Respect for women was a very important part of my upbringing,” Hunt says. “The women in my life demanded that from me.” The article points out that his album Montevallo was titled after an ex-girlfriend's hometown. Billboard indicates that ex-lover is Hannah Lee Fowler.

Sam Hunt Talks About His Fashion Sense

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