Before Sam Hunt rose to stardom in the world of country music, earning three No. 1 singles in one year and playing shows with some pretty big names, he was a normal kid just like everyone else, just trying to find the perfect Halloween costume.

K92.3's AJ & Ashley in the Morning caught up with Hunt backstage before a show recently and asked the question we all didn't know we needed to know: what did pre-fame Sam Hunt dress up as for Halloween?

"I remember being Zorro when I was really young," he says with a chuckle. "The fact that he had a sword really intrigued me. I always had to have the plastic sword and I used to get mad because I wanted the real thing, but my mom wouldn't let me."

Let's all take a minute and think about a youngster Hunt going trick-or-treating dressed as the outlaw waving his sword around. If only there were pictures.

Hunt is slated to perform at the 2015 CMA Awards next week, where he also snagged three nominations. He's also already looking ahead to next summer where he will join Kenny Chesney on the road alongside Miranda Lambert.

This week, the singer played a free show to 10,000 screaming Nashville fans in celebration of his Montevallo album's first birthday.

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