Nine-year-old Cadence Fox got the star treatment before a Sam Hunt concert in Madison, Ga. this week. The little girl from Eatonton, Ga. is battling brain cancer, but her family took a day off from those worries to see — and meet — the “Breakup In a Small Town” singer.

Photos on the Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation Facebook page show Hunt, Fox and others having a great time before and during the show. The little girl is dressed in her cowgirl best, complete with a wide white hat that Hunt eagerly signed. Brandy Angel tells WAGA-TV, Fox 5 in Atlanta that Hunt was amazing with the little girl.

“He told her she was beautiful and she won best dressed for the night,” Angel says. “He signed her hat and made her feel so special and he probably has no idea how much good he did through that small act.”

Fox’s face hurt from smiling so much. It was a nice break from a very difficult time for the family. WAA reports that they’ve recently moved into an apartment as a result of mounting medical bills. Her treatment consisted of four rounds of chemotherapy in Houston, followed by six weeks of radiation. An MRI is scheduled for Dec. 15 to see if the germinoma cancer tumors on her brain were gone.

To help with the bills, a GoFundMe page for Fox has been set up seeking $10,000.

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