Sam Hunt says he’s thinking about this next record, the followup to Montevallo. However, he hasn’t quite figured out how he'll write and record it. Spending so much time on the road has created an obstacle the “House Party” singer has yet to navigate.

Hunt — who has partnered with AXE and Walmart for AXE Stage Pass, your entry to today’s best music — says he hasn’t figured out how other artists manage to record an album and tour at the same time. He prefers to write at home, in a special space that’s perfect for his creative impulses.

"I kind of have my little OCD wood shed at my house where everything is just right when I go write,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “I haven't figured take that on the road yet."

The singer adds that he's “hopeful I am going to get it to put out a record before too long, and I got to start working on it.”

“House Party” is Hunt’s third single from Montevallo, following back-to-back chart-toppers “Leave the Night On” and “Take Your Time.” This summer he’s on the road with Hunter Hayes and Lady Antebellum, and his comments about new music came after his big win at the CMT Music Awards earlier this month. His video for “Leave the Night On” took the Best Breakthrough Video of the Year award.

“It’s my year of firsts for everything,” he says, “And award shows being one of those things.”

AXE Stage Pass is a porthole to exclusive performance and interviews from Hunt. The 30-year-old's debut also includes fan-favorites "Breakup in a Small Town" and "Ex to See."

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