Sam Hunt is a little lighter on his feet recently, as the "Break Up in a Small Town" singer has shaved off his beard, leaving him with just a bit of scruff and a more visible grin.

If you scroll through Hunt's Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page, you'll see that Hunt has been heavily bearded over the last couple of months. In truth, the furry facial feature was rather impressive, like the ex-football player was channeling his inner lumberjack. It was the talk of Hunts comments sections, and women were either really loving or really loathing the beard.

We caught up with the tall singer at his double No. 1 party in Nashville recently and got the 411 about that furry friend he was sporting. At the time, Hunt mentioned that he'd be keeping the hair a little longer, because the two had become like buds.

“I was only going to keep it for the music video, and then I kind of got attached to it, because we’ve been through so much the last month and a half or so," Hunt said at the party.

His video for "Break Up in a Small Town" is apparently the reason behind the short-lived beard look. Now that the visual is out, the beard is off. In the clip, he's looking extra manly while dealing with a breakup in an intense way — with a house fire.

The beard may be gone, but Hunt can still pull off facial scruff better than anyone else!

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