Sam Hunt may not be 'traditional' country, but that doesn't stop people from wanting more, more, more from the talented singer. The newcomer stopped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' this week, and so did viewers eager to see him perform.

Hunt brought a new one, 'Take Your Time,' to the late show, and it's a much slower sound than his last single. The Alabama native jumped onto the country scene as a performer with 'Leave the Night On.' The song -- which hit No. 1 -- is upbeat and fun. This one is different.

On the 'Letterman' stage, the singer stood in front of a three-piece band as he started the R&B influenced song with some spoken word. He casually slid his velvety voice from a spoken rap to a soft croon moments later. The song is a back-and-forth between R&B and soft vocals, and Hunt used the live performance as an opportunity to show his worth.

The ex-football player didn't bring an instrument to play, but he still worked the crowd in other ways. At a crucial moment, Hunt removed his mic from its stand and walked the length of the stage, using his facial expressions and hand gestures to get people to feel the emotions of the song.

'Take Your Time' was written by Hunt, Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally, just as 'Leave the Night on' was. The new single also appears on Hunt's debut album, 'Montevallo,' which was released on Oct. 27.

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