Sara Evans is riding high this week as her latest hit, 'A Little Bit Stronger,' sits at the No. 1 slot on the country singles chart. The tune has become an anthem for many woman and helped them seek courage while struggling through life. The lyrics, written by Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey and Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, stemmed from a real-life experience from Scott, who had just gone through a bad breakup.

"Hillary had just told us a story about her breaking up with her boyfriend at the time," Laird tells Taste of Country. "Like any breakup, if you've been with that person for a while, it's a tough time to get through. It's just not easy. I remember her saying the phrase: 'I get a little bit stronger.' Hillary Lindsey was like, 'Let's write that!'"

"And I'm done hoping that we can work it out / I'm done with how it feels, spinning my wheels / Letting you drag my heart around / And ohhh, I'm done thinking that you could ever change / I know my heart will never be the same / But I'm telling myself I'll be OK / Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger," they wrote in the song's chorus.

"The song just kind of happened," Laird recalls. "Sometimes you have the idea and title and are ready to go, but that was not the case with this song. It just fell out for us. It was awesome listening to both of the Hillarys singing the song because they are both awesome harmonizers. I just knew the song was going to be awesome when we finished it."

Watch the Sara Evans 'A Little Bit Stronger' Video