Sara Evans' hit single, 'A Real Fine Place to Start,' is a song she took all the way to No. 1 on the country singles chart in 2005. By having the song top the charts, Evans also gave singer-songwriters George Ducas and Radney Foster their first No. 1 hit, as well.

"We wrote 'A Real Fine Place to Start' over two days at Radney's house in his basement where he likes to do things now in his new house," Ducas tells Taste of Country. "I was listening to a lot of Tom Petty at the time and kind of had that straight groove. Radney's really talented lyrically, and I think I take him to a slightly different place melodically sometimes."

"Holdin' you close, chasing that moon / Spendin' all night / Lovin' just who you are / Sparks flyin' in the dark / Shootin' out lights, runnin' down dreams / Figurin’'out what love really means / Baby givin' you my heart / Is a real fine place to start," Evans sings in the song’s chorus.

"We wrote a song for the Dixie Chicks, and we wrote 'Kiss Me in the Dark' for Randy Rogers Band," Ducas notes. "Radney and I have written a bunch of different songs that have had success, whether on his record or someone else's record. Interestingly, I've never recorded a song that we wrote together, and he's noticed, too [laughs]!"

"It's amazing really the batting average that the two of us have because we don't write that many songs together," Ducas continues. "We're always like, 'Why aren't we doing this more?'"

Watch the Sara Evans 'A Real Fine Place to Start' Video