Sara Evans' new album, 'Stronger,' hit shelves yesterday, but the 'Born to Fly' hitmaker was busy thinking about 'Dancing With the Stars.' Evans dished to Houston country station KILT that she thinks the judging in the competition gives women the upper hand.

"It's so unfair on 'Dancing With the Stars,' because when the men celebrities are competing, all you look at is the females! So nobody really watches them," Evans declares, adding, "Then when you see the women stars competing, you're expecting them to look like the females and they just can't! It's an unfair advantage."

That observation may have fared well for the country music television star when she was on the hit show in 2006, but she didn't stick around to find out. The 'A Little Bit Stronger' singer walked away mid-season to focus on her family when an alleged cheating scandal surrounded her marriage, which eventually ended in divorce.

But as her album states, Evans won't let the past keep her down -- she is back and 'Stronger' than ever. In support of her new release, the first in over three years, Evans appeared on the ‘Good Morning America' Winter Concert Series today, and is set to headline the ACM Concerts at Fremont Street Experience in Vegas in April.