Divorce is tough, whether you're an average American or a famous country singer, like Sara Evans. While Evans and husband Jay Barker are endlessly happy -- with a large blended family boasting a total of seven kids -- the singer did go through a public and bitter divorce back in 2006. She knows what it's like to endure the pain of a split.

Evans also dealt with her divorce in front of the whole world, adding insult to injury. However, this also makes her advice to others going through a divorce so poignant.

In a chat with She Knows, the 'Anywhere' singer expressed empathy for anyone surviving a splintered marriage. "I hate it when anybody has to go through that,” she sympathized. “It is a really painful thing."

Her advice is simple: "Just stay calm, take things one day at a time, and not look too far ahead. Eventually it’s going to be okay. Surround yourself with people who love you.”

It's common sentiment, but it's also coming from someone who went through it. Evans has the benefit of experience, making her words increase in weight.

The singer also shared that mixing her three children with Barker's four -- ranging in age from 7 to 13 -- into one family works because she and her husband are both of even-keeled temperament.

"My personality is really low-key, and so is Jay’s," she said. "So we don't get uptight with anything." She also freely admits to assistance, hinting that she knows it's a luxury that most women don't exactly have, or can afford. She continued, "And I'm not going to lie, we have a lady that comes every single day to help me with laundry, grocery shopping, stuff like that. We just try to stay calm. I'm not one of those uptight, overwhelmed kind of girls."

Despite the low-key parenting personalities, the Evans-Barker home is not drama-free or without it's fair share of fights. With nine people under one roof, it'd be abnormal if there weren't any fights.

"Jay's kids fight with each other and my kids fight with each other, but there isn't a lot of crossover," she admits. "We're pretty strict parents -- we don't let them fight, we don't let them talk back to us. We run as tight of a ship as we can. The dynamics of a divorce and blended families are there. My parents divorced when I was 12, so I totally understand what they are going through and what they feel and their struggles, so I try to compensate for those constantly."

Despite the fact that her big family can be daunting, Evans talked recently about wanting another child -- so that'd be 8! "That would be a blessing. Our kids beg us to all the time, but we keep putting it off," she revealed. We'll see. That’s definitely something we talk about."