With seven kids and two adults living in Sara Evans' four bedroom Mountain Brook, Ala. home -- not to mention balancing that home life with a thriving country music career -- things can get a little crazy for the 'A Little Bit Stronger' hitmaker. But she likes it that way. Evans let PEOPLE through her front doors to give fans a taste of what life is like for her when she's not on the road through this set of private and intimate photos, showcasing her beautiful but functional home.

Shockingly, even though the home must house nine people, it has only four bedrooms and roughly 3,600 square feet. "The point was to bring the families together, and it's a lot easier to do that in a smaller house," Evans shares. Her husband, Jay Barker, adds, "We like to be on top of each other."

The design was executed by Birmingham home designer Lisa Flake, who wanted to blend the couple's two styles into one in order to accommodate two families coming together -- Evans and her three girls and Barker and his four boys. While the home is inarguably fashionable, it's still able to withstand fast-growing children, and the lady of the house is pleased with the work. "I think it's gorgeous," Evans says. "There's nothing in this house that a kid can't touch."

The latest country special of PEOPLE featuring Sara Evans is on newsstands now.