Ten members of Nashville's Pearl-Cohn High School choir braved icy roads (yes, in Tennessee) for the chance to perform for country star Sara Evans recently. The singer met with the kids to help them prepare for the Keep the Music Playing concert, which helps provide musical instruments and instruction to area students.

Having a No. 1 album, particularly after five years largely and willfully spent out of the spotlight like Evans just did with her new album 'Stronger,' is pretty impressive. But getting high school kids to class on a snow day? That's an accomplishment worthy of a plaque. According to The Boot, a clearly appreciative Evans praised the kids, saying "that was so beautiful that I have no advice to give, because you sound so great! You are all very talented."

The article goes on to detail an exhausting day of radio and television appearances, quickly devoured meals -- no lettuce, it makes you look bloated on TV! -- and, finally, a concert in honor of the state's new governor. Then, it's onto a bus (private, presumably) back home to Birmingham, Ala., where she'll need to be up with her kids at 6:30AM.

How does she get it all done? Well, the article mentions that she crammed six Splendas into her mid-day vanilla latte. But more importantly to Evans: "About five years ago, I started praying this every night: 'Lord, please give me the energy that I need to do my career and be a great mom and wife at the same time.'"