Sara Evans, who recently returned with 'Stronger,' her first album in six years, has a total of seven children between herself and new husband Jay. In a recent chat with 99 Country, the singer (who has had three pregnancies) said, "We want a baby together, so bad. We're planning to. I have to figure out the right time. I despise pregnancy. I am begging Jay to let us hire a surrogate but he's not comfortable with that."

While the surrogate situation -- or gestational carrier, if you want to use their term -- worked for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Evans said she would prefer to have someone close to her carry the baby for her! "I would want it to be somebody I knew, like one of my sisters or a friend," she said. "Someone I knew I could trust, who wouldn't run off with my baby." Despite hoping for a "local" to be a surrogate, Evans' hubby still isn't feeling the idea.

Evans has another fun justification for wanting a surrogate besides having carried and given birth to three babies: "I could continue to drink wine, be skinny and manage to have a beautiful baby."

She can dream, can't she?

Evans will tour will Rascal Flatts this summer as part of Flatts Fest.