If you need something to do with your day, Sarah Darling's bright and funny new music video for 'Something to Do With Your Hands' is just the answer.

While Darling pretties herself up and makes fresh lemonade in a summery kitchen, she has a mischievous look in her eyes, because she's up to no good. She moves playfully about her house -- unscrewing light bulbs in the fridge, cutting the television cable, and creating a leaky faucet -- so that her man will have something to do with his hands when he gets home.

But that's not all that's on his to-do list, as is implied by this sexy-sweet song and Darling's flirty glances at the camera. We're not sure what else needs attention from this country newcomer's personal handyman -- but by the looks of this sultry video and Darling's bright smile, we know he'll have his hands full.

'Something to Do With Your Hands' is the first single from Darling's upcoming album, 'Angels and Devils.'

Watch the Sarah Darling 'Something to Do With Your Hands' Video