Country crooner and 'American Idol' fan fave Scott McCreery - the contestant with the deep, deep, deep baritone that sounds eerily similar to Josh Turner - decided to play it safe this evening by singing Turner's 'Your Man,' the same song he sang for his first performance, this week as well.

It was a risky move for the young hopeful, especially during 'Hollywood Week,' where the wheat is traditionally separated from the chaff, musically speaking. While viewers might question his decision to do an encore instead of showing off his range with another song, it paid off the perfect dividend for this country boy when judge Stephen Tyler announced that McCreery would be advancing to the next round.

To be fair, McCreery wasn't the only contestant to do a repeat performance; both Jackie Wilson and Jerome Bell re-sang their initial audition songs and moved ahead as well. Perhaps this trio is onto something?

In another positive sign for McCreery's future on the show, judge Jennifer Lopez showed her arms, indicating that she got goosebumps during his performance. She also joked about being a girl from the Bronx and falling in love with a country singer.

Don't be ashamed - we're falling for Scott McCreery too, J Lo!

Watch Scott McCreedy's  'American Idol' Performance of Josh Turner's 'Your Man'