Scott McCreery stepped out of his Josh Turner-shaped box in tonight's Hollywood week round two episode of 'American Idol,' but left the stage in tears despite a green light to move on.

Contestants teamed up for group performances this week, and McCreery has trouble getting his peers to accept his natural country twang. He went from group to group, serenading potential new friends with Billie Holiday's 'The Way You Look Tonight' and his trusty go-to, Turner's 'Your Man' -- but as one obvious non-country fan told him, "That's just not going to work for me." Despite his own struggles, McCreery shot down a New Jersey girl who serenaded him with Faith Hill's 'The Way You Love Me,' calling her "crazy."

McCreery finally settled into a group of his own, though he had to two-step away from his country comfort zone and into the Temptations 'Get Ready.' But first, he made a very public apology to 15-year-old Jacee Badeaux, whom the group kicked out the night before.

McCreery maintained a strong country presence in his group's performance, and they waltzed through -- but a rough 24 hours and a guilty conscience for not standing up for Badeaux, whom he calls the "nicest kid in the whole competition," sent him off the stage in tears.

After a tough episode, we're pleased to see that our very obvious Turner fan has made it through to the next round.