Tonight's episode of 'American Idol' was a bit of a nail-biter for country hopeful Scotty McCreery, who watched as one of his fellow contestants was sent home. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been, because McCreery didn't have to worry about packing his bags and returning home to North Carolina.

You see, after 30 million Americans cast their votes following last night's show, McCreery escaped the bottom three and therefore was in no danger of being sent home. His performance of Garth Brooks' 'The River' last night resonated with judge Randy Jackson and apparently, tens of millions of viewers heartily agreed.

Television watchers (and of course, his family) aren't the only ones in McCreery's well-stocked corner. His idol, Josh Turner recently commented favorably on McCreery's 'Idol' run. His down-home, boy-next-door charm is connecting with average Americans, country superstars and judges who can decide his fate. In other words, it's good to be Scott McCreery right now. We're looking forward to seeing what he pulls out of his ten-gallon hat next week on 'American Idol.'