Scotty McCreery is featured in a new commercial for the 2012 season of 'American Idol.' The reality show's January premiere was heavily advertised during the 2011 American Country Awards show last night, and each break was enthusiastically country.

McCreery's first audition -- when he was just "Scott" McCreery -- set the tone for one advertisement. The commercial goes on to feature images from the teenager's five month journey from ordinary teen to extraordinary country star. Video clips of him pitching for his hometown baseball team are sprinkled in with footage of his interviews and performances during the show.

A few of this year's contestants are featured toward the end of the 'American Idol' commercial, but viewers don't get an idea of who might be an early favorite just yet. A separate commercial featuring another young country singer doing his best impression of McCreery singing Josh Turner's 'Your Man' didn't fill fans with hope that a new country talent was amongst the frontrunners.

There's no doubt that it will take a unique voice to overcome inevitable comparisons to McCreery during  'American Idol' 2012.

Watch the 'American Idol' 2012 Commercial Starring Scotty McCreery