Except for letting his high notes fall off a little towards the end, 'American Idol' hopeful Scotty McCreery was dubbed "flawless" by judge Randy Jackson on tonight's episode.

It's Carole King week and McCreery selected the tender ballad, 'You've Got a Friend.' While we are all more than well-aware of McCreery's signature, Josh Turner-inspired rumble of a voice, the teen exercised an elegant restraint and a refined control over his beautiful voice.

Steven Tyler praised McCreery: "[The song] shows all of you off. I don't think you ever sang better. The front was beautiful and it still had that country thing that Scotty is so good about but you also took it somewhere else." McCreeery took us to that "somewhere else" -- that's for sure.

Jennifer Lopez was equally impressed, saying, "Your strength is in the storytelling and you told that story perfectly." She did mention the drop in the high notes, as well, but other than that, Lopez and her fellow judges were moved by Scotty McCreery once again.

Fellow contestant James Durbin was interviewed right after McCreery's performance and even said that McCreery pushes the remaining five to do better, because he is that damn good. What an endorsement for our boy Scotty McCreery.

We predict McCreery will advance to the illustrious Top 5 on tomorrow's results episode.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'You've Got a Friend' on 'American Idol'