What did Scotty McCreery do the day after he was crowned 'American Idol' for Season 10? He didn't go to Disneyland. He flew back to Garner, N.C., and took his AP English test.

"The next day, I was back home taking a test for school," he told TV Line. "I was home taking my AP English test. I had to sit down and focus with a 3-hour test in front of me. I hope I did good. My momma does, too."

Clearly, McCreery did not let the 'Idol' coronation go to his head. He is keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground and he has academic pursuits he wants to see through to completion. "I am trying to go to college so I was trying to get my college credit! 'Idol' gave me the platform and now I need to separate myself as an artist," he says.

McCreery referenced Carrie Underwood as an example, since she broke out of the 'Idol' mold with great success. "When you think Carrie Underwood, you don't think Season 4 winner; you think Carrie Underwood. That's the challenge of this show," McCreery continues.

He also used an 'Idol'-related metaphor in one of the three essays that comprised his AP English exam. "It fit perfect with what happened. I had to say a little something about it," he grinned. "It fit perfectly within the paragraph as an example. If you got the card, use the card."

Well said, Scotty. Well said.

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