Scotty McCreery had a big and out-of-the-norm night on Wednesday night (Feb. 18). The "Feelin' It" singer was asked to join R&B singer Charlie Wilson, one of his idols, onstage!

McCreery has been a fan of Wilson's music since he was in the eighth grade — as soon as he heard Wilson's song "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" he was hooked — so it was a dream come true for young country star when the hitmaker rolled through Raleigh, N.C., this week and wanted him to help with the show.

Thankfully, an audience member captured the whole thing on video.

"If there was a girl right here, and she was right in front of you, you'd have to tell her your name," Wilson tells McCreery in the clip, "Or my name or something. Would you just sing that?"

McCreery happily obliged, singing "Scotty, Last Name McCreery" and a few other lines from the original song while the crowd roared with excitement. Wilson clapped along, too, and McCreery didn't miss a beat. At the end of the epic collaboration, the two hugged.

"That was a night I’ll never forget,” McCreery says of the evening. “Charlie is an amazing performer and such a gentleman. I never expected to meet him, let alone be asked to join him on stage — that was a huge honor.”

McCreery attended the show with friends and family and had no idea he'd be asked to come up on stage. Even though the American Idol winner didn't join Wilson for a long set, he did get to spend time with his own idol after the show. Even stars get stars in their eyes sometimes!

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