Scotty McCreery is as American as apple pie. Literally. In a recent chat with Zap2It, the Season 10 'American Idol' winner answered a bunch of questions about his favorite things. We pulled some of the most interesting facts that McCreery, whose debut album 'Clear as Day' is on the horizon, shared with them.

His guilty pleasure is eating Bo Berry biscuits, which are available at Bojangles, and he can't resist apple pie or banana pudding. Scotty has a sweet tooth, it seems. And the one movie that nearly brought him to tears was 'The Help.' He said, "I didn't cry…but was starting to tear up." That's crying, Scotty!

McCreery said he'd be an astronaut if he could, which make sense, since the one super power he would like is the ability to fly. He also would choose a deserted island with friends as the place he would like to be if he could be anywhere else than where he is right now.

McCreery is sports fan who played baseball in his native Garner, N.C. before winning the 'Idol' crown, so sports figured into a lot of his answers. His fave show is ESPN's SportsCenter, while his most embarrassing moment was when "I overslept and missed the opening of a baseball game; the coach made me run poles after the game."

He would love to meet Boston Red Sox players Josh Beckett and Big Papi . He'd actually enjoy trading lives with Beckett for a day and stepping into his cleats so he could experience what it's like to pitch at Fenway Park in Boston. But the one person he would like to meet the most, regardless of their "alive or dead" status, is none other than his idol, Elvis Presley.

His biggest fear? Doing something to disappoint his fans. Don’t you feel like you know so much about Scotty McCreery now?