Sorry, Lauren Alaina -- it seems that 'American Idol' front-runner Scotty McCreery is looking to find a nice girl from his hometown of Garner, N.C. to date ... Eventually.

"Dating has kind of been on the backburner for me. I haven't really had time to think about that with this whole tour thing," McCreery spills to PARADE magazine. Unlike many young men who are quick to fame (like fellow 'Idol' competitor Paul McDonald who is now engaged to 'Twilight' actress Nikki Reed, to name one), the 'I Love You This Big' hitmaker isn't on the hunt for the prettiest model or actress -- he just wants a normal girl.

McCreery adds, "But it's definitely going to be tough and I've told many people that I'm not looking to go out there and find the most beautiful girl in the world who likes me because I'm Mr. American Idol Scott McCreery. If I could just find a nice hometown girl who just likes me for who I am, that's all I want."

We admire McCreery's long-term goals, though in her defense, Lauren Alaina is from the small town of Rossville, Georgia. While that's not the 'Idol' winner's hometown, we'd like to point out that she is still a down-to-earth lady who has known McCreery since before he was rubbing elbows with the big country stars, and a perfect match to boot.

Whichever "nice hometown girl" McCreery bags, we know he'll love her as big as he can stretch his arms out.