A film crew followed ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery around when he returned home to small town Garner, N.C. last month to perform. That’s because the singer will be the subject of a documentary set to air on GAC in October. According to the News Observer, McCreery played Raleigh’s RBC Center on July 27, where the crew interviewed him for 'Introducing: Scotty McCreery,' a biographical series about on-the-rise country stars (which McCreery undoubtedly is). The crew also toured the ‘I Love You This Big’ singer’s hometown the next day.

"It's amazing to drive around town and see all the signs people have made to support him," filmmaker Todd Cassetty says of his time in Garner, which he also deemed a “charming place.” Like his hometown, McCreery is as wholesome and all-American as it gets. Cassetty points out that McCreery is reflective of his hometown, saying, "It couldn't happen to a nicer young man."

The crew spent time in Scotty-friendly zones, such as Garner High School, Garner First Baptist Church and his former place of employment, Lowes Foods. This special is said to be way more in depth than the segments that aired during his star-making turn on ‘Idol.’ McCreery's small town upbringing was only touched upon during the promotional packages on 'Idol,' so diehard Scotty supporters will be psyched to learn more.

Beth Hunnicutt, the music minister at Scotty's church, served as the crew’s tour guide of the region. Other figures in McCreery’s life who were interviewed include Sunday School teacher Keith Perry; his high school music teacher, Meredith Clayton; his guitar teacher, Gary Epperson, and his former baseball coach, Derik Goffena.

Cassetty, who also produced ‘Taylor Swift: Speak Now’ for NBC, was beyond impressed by McCreery, just like an ‘Idol’ viewer who voted for him. "Seeing him at the concert, I was blown away," Cassetty says. "He's got incredible stage presence. Performing for a huge arena crowd is different than performing for a small crowd on television. Whatever 'it' is, he's got it."

He also says that McCreery does not put on airs -- what you see is what you get. "The great thing about Scotty is it's exactly the same," Cassetty says. "He's a solid-as-a-rock good guy, and down to earth. And frankly, I think that is what has made him successful and what won 'Idol' for him. People sense that genuine young man, and they either want to date him or want their daughters to date him. He's definitely more mature than any 17-year-old I've ever met."

"Introducing: Scotty McCreery" is set to debut on October 3 on GAC. His debut CD, ‘Clear as Day,’ will land the very next day, October 4.