We told you way back in January that young country crooner Scotty McCreery is scheduled to make an appearance on the CW's show 'Hart of Dixie' later in April. And of course, he'll be doing what he does best -- crooning. Thanks to TV Guide, we now have more details about his guest-starring role. McCreery will serenade the characters George and Zoe (played by Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson, respectively) in the April 23 episode of the Southern-based comedic drama.

For those who follow the show, the reported word is that George and Zoe leave town together and wind up at a bar, where McCreery offers up some music for them. Porter told TV Guide, "George finds out some secrets [like Lemon's affair] and calls Zoe out of the blue to get out of Dodge. They end up having a magical evening. It's a glimpse into what they could be, but it's bittersweet because they know circumstances prevent it from being more" (quote via AceShowBiz).

Despite not being old enough to drink, McCreery get to be a part of that "magical evening" in the bar, bringing his music into the mix. The 18-year-old 'Idol' winner nabbed the fan-voted Best New Artist at last weekend's ACM Awards, beating out the other members of the top three, Brantley Gilbert and Hunter Hayes. Upon receiving the prestigious surprise award, McCreery said, “[I have to] thank my good Lord and savior, Jesus Christ … country radio … [and I have to] thank the fans. You rock!”

The admirable teen, whose star has been on the rise since his 2011 'Idol' win, also recently announced that he'll be shipping off to college soon, attending North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where his dad also went to school. Even when his career is in such a great place, McCreery seems to have his head about him and value the importance of getting his education while furthering his music at the same time.