Nothing, not even a shot of the voice-morphing, balloon-filling element helium can cause 'American Idol' Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery's voice to go higher. That signature low and deep voice is here to stay and is not malleable. If it ain't broke...

McCreery appeared on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' late last week and the TV talk show host had to ask the singer exactly when his voice began to lower to the level where it is now. "Mama said it fell off a cliff at 13," McCreery admitted, revealing that he skipped that awkward adolescent phase where most teens suffer through their voices cracking and squeaking. Instead, he went right to deep!

To see what McCreery would sound like with a high-pitched voice, Degeneres asked him to take a hit off a helium-filled balloon. He obliged her and she asked him what he is doing tomorrow, to get him to speak. He squeaked out, "Tomorrow night, I think I am hitting up a football game." His voice was somewhat higher, but not as high as we expected. Helium didn't elevate him by many notches at all!

Ellen took a hit, and her voice's register went up, as expected! Scotty McCreery's deep voice is impenetrable!

On the show, the singer also performed his new single 'The Trouble With Girls,' which appears on 'Clear as Day,' his debut album. 'Clear as Day' is available for purchase now.

Watch Scotty McCreery Take a Hit of Helium on 'Ellen'

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'The Trouble With Girls' on 'Ellen'