Scotty McCreery's debut single 'I Love You This Big' is shaking out to be a big hit. The newly minted 'American Idol' winner performed the song on 'Live With Regis and Kelly.' McCreery is making the rounds on the talk show circuit and the song is a perfect vehicle for his lower register voice, and the daytime crowd is eatin' it up.

It's refreshing to watch McCreery perform off the intense 'Idol' stage; he appears more relaxed and at ease, since he's no longer singing in an uncomfortably high pressure situation and for America's votes. McCreery can finally breathe, and his performances are better because of it.

During his interview segment with Reg and Kel, McCreery sported his signature, ear-to-ear grin. He spoke about pitching a complete game shut out with his baseball team and Kelly compared him to Zac Efron in 'High School Musical,' asking the polite teenager if there is anything he's not good at.

"Soccer. I tried out for my soccer team, and I got cut the first day. I think the coach felt bad for me, since all my buddies made the team, so I was the manager/assistant coach. If they didn't call me 'coach,' they ran a lap,'" he joked.

McCreery, who also worked at the local supermarket before he made his way to 'Idol', revealed the cardinal rule of grocery bagging, which is put the colds with the colds, and Kelly Ripa certainly appreciated that.

McCreery also recalled his very first 'Idol' audition, where he was flanked by his family. He said he asked his father, 'Dad, what am I doing here? I am in over my head." Clearly, Scotty McCreery, you were right in your element and exactly where you need to be.

Watch Scotty McCreery perform 'I Love You This Big' on 'Regis and Kelly'