The 'I Love You This Big' morning TV tour continues, as 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery performed live (and outside) on the 'Today' show in New York City this morning. It was a sunny, breezy morning and McCreery kicked off an absolutely gorgeous day with a rendition of his new single, 'I Love You This Big,' which is tearing it up at the country radio format.

Before he sang, McCreery chatted with host Meredith Vieira, who asked him, "Where did that voice come from?" McCreery replied, "I am not really sure. I grew up singing Elvis. Both of my parents sing in the choir and my dad sings. Maybe I got a little bit of something from him."

McCreery also talked about what's next for him. After a season of performing cover songs on 'Idol,' he said he hopes to "put out a good album and good songs." The teen acknowledged that it'll be fun to finally sing songs of his own as he moves forward beyond 'Idol.'

When McCreery took the stage to perform, it was once  again evident that with each passing, non-'Idol' performance, his confidence and comfort levels grow by leaps and bounds. He is not just using his eyes and his eyebrows to express himself anymore, either; he holds his arm outstretched and wide when he sings the "this big" part of the chorus, and America's love affair with Scotty McCreery continues every time he belts out this tune.

Of course, Lauren Alaina was on tage, sitting next to the piano player while McCreery performed, since the two are attached at the hip for post-'Idol' promotion.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'I Love You This Big' on the 'Today' Show