Today is a big day for Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. We just don't know why ... yet. The pair of 'American Idol' stars will unveil a big announcement about their respective debut albums at 7PM ET tonight.

Both the 'Idol' winner and runner-up have breaking news countdowns ticking away on their websites, here and here, but in order to get the news right away tonight, you've got to sign up for their mailing lists -- or click back to Taste of Country for the latest just after 7PM.

We have no idea what the 'I Love You This Big' and 'Like My Mother Does' teens have up their sleeves, so for the next few hours, we can only speculate over the huge announcement. Could it be a joint single release? A Scotty McCreery/Lauren Alaina super tour? Or just their album release dates? We're dying to know!

The adorable "not dating" pair will make a stop in Baltimore tonight as part of the American Idols Live Tour, before taking New York by storm bright and early tomorrow morning, August 12. McCreery, Alaina and the rest of the Top 11 finalists will perform free in Central Park for the 'Good Morning America' Summer Concert Series. Even if you don't live in the Big Apple, you can tune in to watch from 7-9AM on ABC.