They're an item, they're just friends ... Just about everyone was talking about whether or not Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina were dating in early 2011 after seeing their chemistry on 'American Idol.'

At ages 17 and 18 -- then 16 and 17 -- the 'Idol' runner-up and country winner seemed like a perfect match, but the two continually denied a relationship and swore up and down to the media that they were "just friends," though sometimes they made questionable comments just to keep everyone guessing.

Sources close to the teen stars even chimed in their two cents on occasion, mostly denying that the country music pair were igniting a romance behind the scenes.

Season 10 is a distant memory now as the new 'Idol' quickly approaches, and the rumors about McCreery and Alaina have since cleared the air, but diehard "McLaina" fans are still holding out for the pair to reunite.