Ever since Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina first auditioned in Hollywood for 'American Idol,' the two immediately hit it off, connecting in such a way that two kids from the south would. Throughout the 'Idol' season, the two continued to move forward in the competition side by side, eventually making it to the final two. Now, as they both prepare to work on their debut country albums, they continue to remain close.

"We’ll be friends forever," Alaina tells Taste of Country with a soft smile.

Both Alaina and McCreery are still residing in their homestates of Georgia and North Carolina, but neither of them are opposed to moving to Music City if that's the direction their careers take them.

"For me," says McCreery, "we’ll see how things work out. Right now my home’s still in Carolina. If things cause me to move out here, by golly, I’ll move out here!"

But for now, the two singers' homes will be all over the country as they head out on the 'Idol' tour. "It’s really cool now that it’s over that we’re going to see all the fans and tell them thank you," Alaina says. "Without them, we wouldn’t be here right now, so we’re really thankful for everything they’ve done for us."

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