'American Idol' winner and North Carolina boy Scotty McCreery was the victim of a rude awakening while visitng the New York City tri-state area today. The 'I Love You This Big' singer visited Long Beach in Long Island, N.Y. and was completely and utterly shocked at having to pay to use one of nature's facilities! He demonstrated his country boy way of thinking with his tweets about the matter, especially when he showed his local pride and stated his preference for the Outer Banks beaches in his home state.

He tweeted: "chillin at Long Beach, Long Island and you have to pay to go on the beach? I ain't never heard of such.. #criminal"

In addition to being miffed about shelling over cash for a beach tag, he lamented: "and the beach ain't even nice. tractors going over the sand, planes flying over head makin noise, no waves. OuterBanks, NC > Long Beach ... just think if they made Christopher Columbus pay to pull up at the beach.. what if he didn't have his wallet on him like me?"

McCreery, who also rang the closing bell on the NASDAQ floor while in the area, has made his thoughts and feelings about pay-to-use beaches clear, and can't say we blame him! Beaches, like hugs, should be free to all who want to enjoy them.