For his third song on night one of the 'American Idol' finale tonight, Scotty McCreery sang what will be his single, should he win. It's called 'I Love You This Big,' and as mentor Jimmy Iovine said in the pre-performance package, this song -- if done right -- could cause confetti to fall on McCreery's head tomorrow night. It was a tender-hearted ballad suited for McCreery's strengths.

It's an emotional, career-launcher of a song, and overall, it was a quintessential Scotty McCreery moment: he could sing high and sing low. He hit some big, ending notes with his McCreery flair and it was a "wow" moment for the North Carolina teenager.

Randy Jackson was the most impressed with McCreery's performance, saying, "The range was great. You sung low and you sung high and at that end note, I was like, 'Yo, you are here and it's game time.' Dude, you now what, I am proud of you."

Jennifer Lopez said that McCreery's biggest challenge was having to tell a story with his song, since no one knows it and it's brand-new, and that he told the story and sold her on it.

The singers have sang. The judges have spoken. Now American needs to vote for their Season 10 'American Idol.'

Watch Scotty McCreery Sing 'Love You This Big' on 'American Idol' Tonight