Scotty McCreery released 'Clear as Day' just two weeks ago, but he's already looking forward to his sophomore project. In a recent interview, the singer says he's hoping to write a number of songs to be considered for his next album.

"We’re going to give this album a few months before we start getting the songs picked for the next one," McCreery tells HitFix, "but I want to keep writing about life experiences and relatable things to people."

One song that's near completion is for his high school football team. The 18-year-old says he and a friend wrote something for the Garner Trojans before he left for 'American Idol.' "Getting a song together for that because playoffs are coming up. We want to give them something to pump them up. Hopefully, one of my songs can make the album next time."

It's unlikely fans will get new music from the 'The Trouble With Girls' singer soon. One figures McCreery will release at least one, maybe two more songs to the radio before he moves on to a new project. He'll want to have plenty for audiences on the Brad Paisley tour to be familiar with when the pair hit the road next summer.