Scotty McCreery allowed cameras to follow him around for several months after he nabbed the 'American Idol' crown, and the result is the GAC special 'Introducing… Scotty McCreery,' which first aired last night. The half-hour documentary featured interviews with his mom, Judy, his dad, Mike, and his teachers and coaches from Garner, N.C., which he referred to as a "nice big small town."

While there was some previously unseen footage of the singer, any self-respecting Scotty McCreery follower or 'Idol' devotee is already familiar with most of the details that were outlined in the special. However, one key nugget of information was explored that isn't reported on too often: McCreery is also a seriously skilled and talented guitarist. His guitar teacher, Gary Epperson, recalled that at the ripe age of 9, Scotty "had rhythm in his right hand." McCreery is known for that deep voice of his, and while he can and has played guitar on 'Idol,' that's now a skill he can certainly fall back on for future recordings.

The most emotional and touching scene took place when McCreery returned home to Garner during his 'Idol' season, breaking down in tears from the sheer emotion. He was overwhelmed by the love his hometown demonstrated for him. His father acknowledged that it was pretty heartwarming to see 30,000 people there to support his son.

Judy McCreery admitted that she knew her son would have to grow up quick if he was crowned the 'American Idol,' saying, "I didn’t know what to expect but knew that if he won, our lives would be changed forever and we’d have to get ready for the new normal." The new normal includes concerts, meet and greets, demoing songs, late night TV performances and more!

There was also footage of the singer singing and playing his guitar, sounding exactly the same and looking exactly the same -- just a few years younger.

Scotty McCreery's 'Clear as Day' album is out today.