It's official: Scotty McCreery is the first Taste of Country Showdown Hall of Fame inductee. The 18-year-old knocked off Toby Keith's new song 'Red Solo Cup' last week to make it four wins in a row. His song 'The Trouble With Girls' will now be retired from the competition.

In week one of the Showdown, McCreery topped Jason Aldean's 'Tattoos on This Town' before toppling Chris Young's 'You' during his second week. Justin Moore stood in his way after that, but fans of 'Bait a Hook' weren't passionate enough to unseat McCreery's single. 'Red Solo Cup' was McCreery's stiffest competition, but a late weekend surge sent the Garner, N.C. born singer to enshrinement.

Each week, two songs battle it out for a Taste of Country Showdown victory, with the winner going on to face a new challenger the following week. A song is retired after it wins four Showdowns in a row, as McCreery did.