Scotty McCreery continues to wow judges and fans each week on ‘American Idol.' McCreery, covering some of the best country hits, has been making the country world proud week after week, and we've even predicted that he'll be this season's winner. So we have to ask: What songs would you like to hear McCreery sing on the show? Here's the list we've compiled at Taste of Country. Be sure to leave your feedback as well as your picks of what you would like to hear the promising 16-year-old McCreery belt out!

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    'Must Be Doin' Something Right'

    Billy Currington

    With the deep baritone that vibrates when he sings, McCreery would do an impressive job on this former No. 1 hit for Currington. The sexy tune talks about the wonders of love, and how with just one kiss, one can get lost in his or her own little world with a significant other. Although, if McCreery does in fact sing the song on 'American Idol,' we may get swept away and forget that the voice behind the song is that of a kid still in high school!

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    'Ol' Red'

    Blake Shelton

    There are videos online of McCreery singing Shelton's ‘Ol’ Red’ live, so we know he can do it … and we want to hear it with the full band on ‘Idol'! The tune has a haunting vibe as the song’s narrator, a prison inmate, takes on responsibility for the jail dog, Red. He plans it just right and makes his escape one night, as Red bolts in the opposite direction looking for his female friend. McCreery nails everything about this song, even putting his own twist on it just like a pro.

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    Joe Nichols

    Nicols' 'Brokenheartsville' is another song that McCreery would impress America with, if he chose to sing it. The song's lyrics detail how a girl leaves the singer for a slick, smooth-talking guy who he is convinced has "horns" under the hat he wears. The song is a great modernized country heartbreak tune that oozes with the traditional sound that McCreery has brought week after week. The melody and vocals, as sung by Nichols, are right up McCreery's alley.

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    ‘When You Say Nothing at All’

    Keith Whitley

    We already know that McCreery has the voice for perfecting country classics. This Whitley smash would be a great pairing for McCreery's range and the traditional country sound we love to hear him sing. Over the years, the tune has been covered by many country greats, including Alison Krauss, who recorded the song solo as a duet as well by dubbing the late Whitley's vocals into her version of it. 'When You Say Nothing at All' is a classic, and if McCreery took a stab at it, he would without a doubt be moving on another week on 'Idol.'

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    ‘Why Don’t We Just Dance’

    Josh Turner

    He's already covered two Turner hits, 'Long Black Train' and 'Your Man.' Now, how about an uptempo tune from the deep-singing Turner? The infectious 'Why Don't We Just Dance' is an escape for the listener, as the song's character is telling his lover to turn off the TV and just "dance" with him. The young star on the rise has already proven he can hold his own with Turner's music -- let's hear one that we can get movin' to!

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