Many 21-year-olds spend their Spring Break partying in Panama City Beach, but not Scotty McCreery. The "Feelin' It" singer shared with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex how he plans to spend his school vacation this year.

The Raleigh native is going to take a true holiday! McCreery planned his Spring Break around the surrounding colleges' schedules and is heading on a trip that includes some peaceful R&R.

“This year I blocked off the whole Spring Break because all the colleges around town have the same one," he shares. "Actually I just built my first beach house, so we’re gonna go out there for half the week and then we’re flying to Florida and doing Disney World and spring training for the other half of the week. So it should be fun."

McCreery's beach house isn't located on a busy beach or even in the city, so it's likely he'll be spending his time relaxing by the water.

“It’s near Wilmington, North Carolina," the Idol singer explains. "It’s not in the city, but it’s kind of out in a quiet spot. We enjoy it out there."

When he's not spending time at his new beach house, the country star is going to be cheering on his second favorite baseball team (his first is the Red Sox) while they get ready for baseball season.

Says McCreery, "I’d love to participate, but I ain’t that good, so we’re just gonna go watch and see the Braves."

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