Country diva Shania Twain is known for her sleek fashion sense, and animal prints often find their way into her closet — but not at the cost of their lives.

Twain is partnering with Panthera, a wild cat conservation organization, to use those statement pieces for good with the “I Fake It” campaign, raising awareness for the endangerment of wild leopards around the world that are being killed for their skins.

According to the I Fake It website, many local communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East wear real leopard skins as part of religious and cultural ceremonies. To change this, Panthera, the Peace Parks Foundation and Cartier are producing affordable, realistic faux leopard skin capes to distribute to these communities and discourage the use of the real thing. The good news is, many of the communities have been receptive to the idea.

Twain is helping spread the word, particularly via social media, where supporters of the movement are encouraged to post photos of themselves, friends or family wearing faux leopard print with the hashtag #ifakeit to raise awareness for the cause. Individuals interested in taking their support a step further can donate to Panthera by visiting

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